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Study tour China

Report from the China study tour – visiting exhibitions Clean Energy Expo China and reference companies in the renewable energy storage


Date: 21. – 28. februára 2012
Exhibition / Conference: Peking, China International Exhibition Center (CIEC)
CEEC (Clean Energy Expo China) – 23.-25. feb.2012
Participants: Adrián Horváth (GESC)
Frantisek Forró (GESC)
Guzli Piroska (EMEK)
Tófalvy Zsolt (EMEK)


The lead partner of the project partners have jointly agreed that the reference companies in the Chinese visit or stay. to participate in the show, of course, with an emphasis on meeting the project charter, and to stay for the entire gain as much knowledge about the latest technologies in the field of renewable energy storage. Next was an important criterion in the selection of the visited companies and whether they have sufficient experience in the operation of storage technologies. Given the currently storage respectively. accumulation of energy around the world is still at a low level, there are only so. “Pilot” devices scattered and essentially unique potential destination could be Čína.Predbežné evaluation of the potential targets of the trip was already prepared before the project.

By the time the application for the project, a survey was done on the basis of which China has been selected, and it did not change until the start of the project charter.

In Beijing, it is possible to someday reach the largest enterprises engaged in storing renewable energy around the capital is also a huge amount of energy and most modern fleets. Because of this fact, we chose Beijing. Furthermore, there take place annually largest exhibition / conference in this area. Dates of the trip we chose so that we know to participate in this event as well.

At the conference / exhibition serious negotiations were conducted, respectively. agreements based:

A33 Power (

Nheolis – 3D WInd Turbine

Gustav Klein GmbH and Co. KG (

Holland hHome of Wind Energy (

Perlight Solar Co., Ltd. (

Wuhan Sunnpo Solar Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (

Jiangsu SUNHOME new energy Ltd. (

China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) Science and Technology Co. Ltd. (

State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) (

It also has full-day State visit of traffic Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) in the region of Nanjing. Based on the iron – phosphate technology more than 100 MW wind farm is operated here for more than ten MWh – ment storage system.

The last day of the trip in the center of Changping CEPR are presented in detail advanced research and testing center, lectured on developments in their development activities.