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About project

HUSK/1001/1.1.2/0049: RES-Clu – Establishment of Renewable Energy Storage Clusters (RES-Clu)

Energy from renewable sources in many cases is not available at the moment when it is mostly needed. As an example, we can mention the photovoltaic and wind power plants or solar heaters. We can not rely on the devices, where the permanent power supply is needed. However, the world science and technology now stands before a big problem about the possibilities how to store the produced energy and reuse it later in the required time. For the future exploitation of renewable sources of energy is neccessary to manage the storing of energy by technical facilities.

The storage of such produced electrical energy enables the producers to send the overage of produced energy through the network of electrical lines for temporary storage into so called energetic storage which in this process becomes an energy source. These energetic storages also optimize the production of energy by storing the electrical energy not used in the process which should be used in the time of biggest demand. The storages by this become a huge energy acumulator – battery.


Main overall objective objective of our Project is to strengthen the competitiveness of SME’s and institutions in the green/renewable energy sector on both sides of the border. To reach this, following specific goalshave been determined:

– Detailed survey of electricity system regulation problems and deficiencies in both regions, and their potential elimination options

– Organization and long-term operation and cooperation of Clusters on both sides of border

– Alliance (clusters) organization and operation for SME’s and institutions interested in Energy Storage, which could be the resolution for increasing renewables energy generation

– Specific examination of the distribution system in the 5 target regions from the perspective of incorporating increasing renewable energy generation (mainly solar and wind)

– Presentation of new energy storage methods, the advantages and information about the solution of  above-mentioned problems


As renewable energy generation mostly covers intermittent resources (wind, sun), their generation needs to be harmonized with the electric system requirements – both in terms of demand timing and level, and frequency/voltage quality.

Energy storage is the resolution for both issues. This means that e.g. whenever the wind blows, and the turbines generate electricity, but the system does not need it, the energy is stored for later usage, and at the same time, the renewables’ ‘yanked’ generation is smoothened out via energy storage too. Such, more renewables can be integrated into the system, and the system itself becomes more stable and reliable as well.

Both countries have recently prepared their own long-term strategies for energy regulation, in accordance with EU directives (HU: National Renewables Action Plan, SK: Act for Renewables Support). Both of these documents emphasize the obstacles on the way of quicker dissemination of renewable energy sources. The affected regions in both countries will have great benefits from spreading renewable energy generation (employment, decreasing natural gas dependence, etc.). Social importance is supported by these regions’ development plans too. We believe our Project is justified by fulfilling the existing demands of our target groups by establishing long-term communication tools, consultancy and information services. With these tools, we can encourage investments in renewable energies, and this would have great impact on reducing harmful emissions (e.g. CO2), and such on supporting environmental efforts.